Saturday, January 9, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

A couple days ago I received an order for 35 crocheted Viking Hats from a cheer leading team in New York. They need them for the 5th of February. That's alot of crocheting!

Maybe I can get Suzi to help out a little?

I will be busy working on these hats so you may not hear from me too often. I'll pop in as often as I can and of course I will still be checking in on what everyone else is making. There is alot of fun things going on now that the holidays are over. I've joined a few swaps and have been looking at a couple sew alongs that are starting up soon. So much fun out there!


Jackie said...

What a nice big order! That will keep you really busy!


Love the blog background--it looks springy!!! WOW--big order--it will keep you busy and maybe out of trouble for alittle while!!!!!!!
Hugs, Di&co

Barb said...

That is alot of hats but what an order...awesome!!

searchfamilies said...

what a great order it great to hear when someone gets to sell their crafts
Hugs Janice