Friday, July 16, 2010

Local Fire

This is the scary sight I saw on Tuesday. I was out front and saw some black clouds. I went out back to see what was going on and saw that there was a fire a couple streets over. Knowing the area I knew it was unfortunately someone's house.

The flames were shooting way up. You could tell the fireman were having a difficult time getting the fire under control. There is a video about it from one of our local news stations. We found out later that an older gentleman was cooking in his garage and somehow started a fire. Chances are he was deep frying something.

Unfortunately it looks like the house is completely destroyed.  The owner spent a day in the hospital. He burnt his hands and bottom of his feet. Most people don't wear shoes for most of the year down here. The house might have been able to be saved if we had enough firefighters to battle the fire. With all the budget cuts we have been having lately there wasn't enough firefighters available. The firefighters that did make it were having a very hard time dealing with the fire and the heat. Our heat index is over 100 right now. The firefighters were having to go into the ambulance to sit in the AC and receive IV fluids to battle heat exhaustion and dehydration. Those guys are just amazing. I don't think they always get the respect they deserve.