Wednesday, June 14, 2017

It's Plaid - the graduation quilt

This handsome devil graduated high school in May. Cocky little brat. He's my youngest and most challenging child. He thinks differently than his older brother and sister. I had to change my parenting techniques several times while he was growing up. He has always loved to debate so I wasn't surprised that he took debate classes throughout his high school years. He challenged everything even if he didn't care about the topic. He won many discussions with me because he is such a good debater. It's hard to say no when the other person has all the right answers to make it a yes.

This is a picture of Mandy and Robbie. When Mandy graduated in 2009 he wore her robes so they did a remake of that pic. Robbie is 6'4" so poor Mandy is drowning in his robes.

Robbie has been wearing plaid shirts and shorts since middle school. I took several of his outgrown shirts and cut them apart to make a graduation quilt for him.


I used Forest Bricks from Mary Quilts. I've made this pattern a few times and I always like the finished quilt.

I even had a little helper.

Miss Mocha loves to bury herself in clean clothes. Anytime she sees a pile of clothes (or fabric) she dives right in.

This last picture is when I was playing with the layout. Everything was going fine until I realize not all the blocks were going in the same direction. When I was sewing the tiles into blocks of four I didn't think it would matter how they were stitched together. I thought since it's square that if one way didn't work then I could just spin it and it would work from that direction. Nope. I figured that wrong so I had to unsew about a third of the blocks.



Congrats to your son--
are you now going to be an empty nester????
That plaid quilt is going to be really nice when it is finished and it will hold some sweet memories as well--
Enjoy the moments, di