Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Working on WiPs

Several years ago I joined a quilting forum called Quilting Around the World. I was really active and joined in the conversations and did a few swaps but I got a little lax last year. On this forum if you don't post each month you're considered inactive and your membership is closed, so I accidentally went inactive last year. They send out emails to remind you but I guess I missed it. No worries, I just rejoined again. The only thing is you start back at the beginning.  This forum like most gives you a rank title based on how many posts you post. Oh well.

Anyways... One of the quilt-a-longs we are doing this year is the year of UFO/wips. You list 12+ projects that have been forgotten and you want to finish them this year. Each month 2 numbers are drawn (one main project and a bonus project) and based on your list those are the two projects you work on. You can win prizes (I've won twice woohoo) if you show progress or finish one of the drawn projects each month.

One month my main project was this apple core quilt that I made using Thimbleberries fabric. I made the top years ago when I was trying out the new Go! cutter apple core die. It's put away at the moment but it is a small quilt good for a table runner or a baby stroller. There's a few wrinkles but overall it turned out alright. I am much better at sewing curves now so I think I might need to make another.

Here's the back. The binding is just a gold that I found in my stash that seemed to match. The back might be a Thimbleberry also but I'm not sure. I bought a mystery box of scraps and all these fabrics were in there. I remember the apple core pieces had the selvages still on them.

Another UFO I finished was these placemats. If I remember correctly I was making bags with these black and white fabrics but my daughter saw them on my design wall and wanted them for placemats. I can't argue when one of the kids (okay grown children) want a handmade item for their house, right? The backing fabric was something my daughter fell in love with when I found it at a thrift store several years ago. I bound them in red because red is her favorite color. I made her a black, white, and red quilt about 8 years ago that she absolutely loves.



I love your apple core quilt--and someday I am going to make one--
a few years ago I ordered the paper pieces and template to make one--
only they came in 2 different sizes when the order got to me!!!
I probably would just to hand stitching to make them though--
My son would love the black n white items--even at 41 he still only wears basically black--
where as my daughter(49) is more into brown, tan, gold colors--boring--both kids are boring!!!
enjoy the moments, di

Barb said...

I have a quilt just like that that needs some attention...love yours.