Tuesday, June 6, 2017

New Pillows for the Kiddos

My two oldest kiddos, okay adults, moved out earlier this year. I decided their couches needed some pillows. I made the forms from an old pillow a couple months ago but never got any farther. I decided since they were having a Memorial Day cookout I should hustle up and get the pillow covers made. I dug into my red, white, and blue scrap bin and came out with these:

One of their couches is a dark blue so I think these work really well for that couch. The other couch looks like something from That 70's Show lol. It's brown, orange, and gold or something similar. It's a sleeper sofa and only cost $5 from the thrift store so for now it works just fine.

I thought a log cabin pillow cover might be fun. I was going for a bit wonky but I don't think I wonked it up enough. It just came out like a rectangle but on a square pillow form. It's okay, it still works as a pillow and brightens up the living room so all is good.

I do like this patchwork version. These two projects didn't even make a dent in my red, white, and blue fabric scraps.

The backs are just a solid blue that I found in my stash. They are simple envelope style covers. I think it will be fun to make different covers for the holidays or to represent what my kids love. Since the next holiday is the 4th of July these covers will still work so I'm ahead of the game ;)



Great idea--love pillows--love the red/white/blue theme--
and I be the kiddo's will too-
enjoy the moments, di

Snowcatcher said...

That will indeed be fun for them if you can get more holiday theme pillows worked out for them. But I'll bet they love these!