Thursday, June 29, 2017

My beautiful bleeding swap quilt

Many, many moons ago I participated in several swaps either through a blog or Flickr. I was part of a Quilting Bee swap on Flickr for a year I think. I'm pretty sure my color scheme for this particular swap was rainbow.

When I was going through my wip bin I came across the quilt. It was already quilted and just needed binding. No clue why I never bound it but it's done now. I found a piece of binding in my binding bucket and it was almost long enough to go all the way around. I just added a small scrap that I stole  from another left over binding.

The shadow of my hand and phone makes me giggle for some reason. 

I just meander quilted it. It's my go to quilting because it doesn't need to be perfect and I love how it gets all crinkly after it's washed. Of course I used cotton batting so it could be crinkly. I also like how thin yet warm a quilt is with cotton batting.

The only problem I had is this one square ran when I washed it. I used two color catchers but that didn't save it. This isn't the first time a quilt has bled on me but it is the first time I couldn't fix it. I google for some solutions and asked on facebook but nothing I tried worked. First the red ran and when I got that under control the orange ran. After the third run through the washer I gave up. My daughter saw it on facebook and fell in love with it blemish and all so now it hangs on the back of her couch. All three kids have curled up on the couch with it so I'm happy. Even though it's Summer one of their couches is under an a/c vent and the ceiling fan and sometimes it gets chilly on that couch. 

Mandy told me every time she looks at the quilt she sees something she didn't notice before. Now I need to go back to the wip bin and find a quilt for the other couch. One for her brothers because I have a feeling that once it gets cool again she won't be sharing. ;)



What I have done a couple times when a fabric or thread has run--
it to wet the color catcher and use it to dab at the fabric where the bleed it--
hard--and sometimes you can at least lighten it--but with all the washing and drying you have done already--it is probably too late--but it is being well loved and that what quilting is all about--loving!!!
enjoy the moments, di