Monday, July 31, 2017

Burp cloths

My daughter has a friend who had twin boys earlier this year. What do you do when there's a new baby or two? Why make burp cloths of course!

I had four cloth diapers left in my stash so I made two Nemo and two math burpies.

The father is a Florida Gators fan so I had make a couple of those.

These burp cloths were made with quilting cotton (the skateboard one is flannel) on the front and fleece on the back. My oldest son has friends who are going to be new parents in a few months so I will be making more burp cloths. They are my go to baby gift. You can never have too many burp cloths.



LOve all those baby items---My one girl friend in NJ daughter just had a baby boy--first newborn in a long long time with my family and circle of friends--so was nice to think baby--I knitted him one of my baby sweaters and a hat--put car buttons on the sweater and everyone there loved them--also make him a size 6 months for this fall temps up there!!!
(Terry was my Avon lady when I lived down here many years ago--so I have known her and her daughter a long time!!)

Maria said...

OH Robin I'm sew pleased to finally to able to read and comment on your blog. Have changed my internet plan... Yeh!!!!!!

what fantastic baby sewing you've been doing....