Sunday, August 6, 2017

Hocuspocusville block 9

I finished the main embroidery on block 9 of Hocuspocusville by Crapapple Hill Studios. As you can see I still haven't purchased the glow in the dark thread for the signs and pumpkin eyes. I'll probably wait until the blocks are mostly done before I go out and buy more floss. That way if I need more Halloween colored floss I can pick that up at the same time. The less time I spend in a craft store the less money I can spend, right? I'm still enjoying working on these and that's a good thing since there are 12 blocks and I'm on number three. I like having a long term project like this because there's no pressure to get it finished right now. It's definitely not for Halloween this year and who knows if it will be done for 2018. Creating should be enjoyable and not always full of pressure to finish.



I love Crabapple hill patterns--in fact I have to log on them today and order a new pattern they came out with--bicycles--I love bicycles--also the lady who does Cat Patches is working on the same one you are--and I am not sure--she may have just finished her's--?????
I am trying to work on the Bee blocks--and I thought I had bought lots of finishing fabrics--but am short on the border fabric--and it just came out in March--yet I can't find any more on line--booo?????
have a great week--enjoy the moments, di