Sunday, August 27, 2017

Most requested baby shower gift

My older two kids have friends and coworkers who are pregnant. I think there are three new babies joining the world soon.  These burp cloths have become a requested item. I don't mind because they are so easy and quick to make.

I saved these two for my future grand-baby hope chest. I love those pirate kitties and the strawberry kiwi fabric just makes me smile.

Once again I just pulled lots of fabrics and went crazy and ended up with 27 burpees. I like to give 5 to the new mommas. That leaves me extras for the next run of babies.



those are soooo cute and needed---
I keep saying that I am going to make some baby things--
even it is quilts--there is soooo many cute cute prints for baby things--
but it always seems like I busy on something else that I want to finish first--!!
we need to have a bom using baby prints--that would get me going--I think!!
enjoy the moments, di