Friday, August 11, 2017

Mystery quilt along

Over on Quilting Around the World  I lost my mind and joined a mystery quilt along.  I say I lost my mind because I do not like mystery quilts generally. I already have a hard time choosing colors and fabric placement so when you add in the fact that I don't know what the end quilt will look like it gets very hard for me. For this mystery QAL we are secret agents, I am 006, and we're supposed to interview witnesses (pick fabrics) and arrest suspects (make blocks), etc. So I joined.

So each week I have been cutting fabrics and sewing them together as directed.

We made lots and  lots of 3.5" hsts.

We made lots of 4 patches and these blocks where you stitch 2 rectangles together. Then we were told to stitch some of the hsts to the stacked rectangle mini blocks but not all of them.

The triangle in a square I had to paper piece because there was no way I was going to get those triangles cut and sewn together and have them be the right size. This kind of paper piecing I don't mind. It's only three pieces of fabric so it was easy. I think I made 72 of these.

Then we all got stuck on these blocks. It took a couple blog posts and a video or two to get these figured out.

Mystery quilts are hard enough but I think this was the first time our leader headed up a mystery QAL. Or the blog/website she got the info from didn't do a very good job with the directions. With each clue there seems to be a little bit of info missing that would make things easier. Little things like finished block size. It's helpful to know what size to square up each block. Some I could guess or figure out on my own but the triangle in a square or that square in a hst? I need all the numbers lol. I know how hard it is to keep 50 or 60 quilters corralled so I'm honestly not complaining. I'm just grumbling cuz I know better than to participate in this kind of mystery quilt.  No matter, I'm sure I will love it when it's done.



I know what you mean about quilting alongs in general--I had one I started at the first of the year and had to stop after the first month cause the directions where not written right--
and have found a couple other blocks here and and there on the bom this year where either all the pieces being cut are not listed or are wrong--!!!
and like you--I have a hard enough time with colors when I look at a finished quilt--but to not know where it is going--not good for me!!!
so I feel your pain--but your quilt so far looks good--so hang in there--
enjoy the moments, di

Tangos Treasures said...

I have that issue with color picking when you have no idea what your making!!