Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Fabric storage - the latest edition

Over the years I have stored my fabric in a variety of ways. I've never really found a way that works for me until recently.

Prior to the latest change I was wrapping the fabric around comic boards (too flimsy), or foam core board cut to size (too much work). Then I switched mostly to cardboard. I was cutting up medium flat rate postal boxes and that was working well for the most part. The problem I had was the cardboard took up space on the shelves. Each mini bolt was only a few inches wide so I ended up having to rows of mini bolts on each shelf. Of course I couldn't see what was behind the first row.

Then I came across a video showing how to use your 6" x 24" quilting ruler to fold your fabric. Brilliant! The above picture shows one shelf of double rows neatly folded. That leaves me a lot of breathing room or room to buy more fabric.

Miss Mocha likes this new fabric storage too. The bottom shelf has denim, faux leather, wool, etc. I've since added an old sheet to cover all the fabric on the bottom shelf so it doesn't collect kitty fur. Also, don't look too closely at my floor. This used to be Robbie's bedroom and it had those sticky linoleum tiles and most of them have become unstuck. I'm not 100% sure what I will be doing with the floor but for now I have these garage floor foam padding tiles layed down where I iron and cut. I have an area rug for my sewing area and desk.

Here is the finished bookcase. I have the fabric in groupings like holidays, novelty, solids, and the fabric that is only for projects for me and not the shop or friends. I can easily see what I have and I can find a fabric so fast now. If I want to make a fish quilt I can see at a glance if I have enough fish fabric or if I need to order some. It only took me two days to sort and refold and that wasn't even full days working on it. I think this is going to work for me for the long term. 


Maria said...

Your new way of storing your fabrics looks great.. Mine are all piled into big plastic tubs!! not good really I think I need to have a good clean up but when ????


I too have tried alot of different ways---I even bought those special cardboards made just for fabric--but like you said--they ended up taking up two rows front and back so you were always moving the front ones to see the back ones--
now I just have most of the family of colors in small dollar store containers--and my novelty prints stacked in the back of the shelf--still not working--hummmmm?????
enjoy the moments, di


Opps forgot to say--Miss Mocha is a nice decorating tough to the bottom shelf--lol
just me again--di

Barb said...

Very organized, now come do mine....HA!!!