Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Talk To Me Tuesday #32 Working from the UFO Bin

Several years back I purchased a couple medium flat rate mystery boxes of fabric. The boxes almost seemed magical because I just kept pulling out more and more fabric. Most of the fabric was novelty I Spy fabric. It was one of the big crazes back then. Mixed in among the fun fabrics were several baggies of quilt blocks. This week I decided to turn some of those blocks into quilt tops. I'll worry about getting them quilted after I pick up some batting. I'm waiting for my budget and the sales to collide so I can get enough batting for several projects.

Here are some pics in case you would like a closer view than what you get in the video:

Christmas table runner


Mystery hsts

Star Wars drawstring bag

Construction vehicle drawstring bag

Autumn trees drawstring bag


Cupcake drawstring bag

You can find the bags in my RsIslandCrafts Artfire shop if you're interested in any of them.



My favorites are the pinwheel top and those cute little bags--
it is always fun to play in the ufo box and to see what needs to be finished--
or what we can create from partly finished blocks!!
enjoy, di