Thursday, February 1, 2018

WiP Parade

While I have several projects waiting their turn to be worked on I'm only actively working on a select few. I've just lost interest in some of my other projects. Oh, I'm sure the time will come when I feel drawn to them again but for now they're just hanging out in the craft room on my new project rack. I'll have to show you that sometime soon.

I've gone back to knitting dishcloths. I knit these when I have just a few minutes, like while making dinner. For quick and easy knitting I just stick with Grandmother's favorite dishcloth pattern and I like size 5 needles.

The nerve damage in my neck makes my hands numb. During the Winter it also makes them very cold. I have a ratty old pair of fingerless mitts but I decided it was time for an upgrade since the original pair was knit flat because I didn't know how to knit in the round at the time. I wanted the mitts to be form fitting so I went with a pattern that had ribbing. I came across this pair which uses one of my favorite stitches - the waffle stitch. I'm almost at the knuckle ribbing on the first pair.

I added a few more white hexies to my mini red, white, and blue wall hanging. I started using beeswax and I really like how it strengths the thread and keeps it from tangling. I also like how it "twangs".

My youngest Robbie (18) was so excited when he received three pairs of hand knit socks for Christmas last year that I decided to make him a box of socks this year. Instead of 12 pairs like most knitters have in their box of socks, I'm aiming for 6 pairs. Robbie wears a size 14 and that's a lot of sock to knit. I imagine I could knit him a pair a month if his socks were the only thing I worked on all month but that's not gonna happen lol.

Do you have any special projects you're working on this month?



Good afternoon--I also have one or two knitting projects going--I mostly knit at night while watching the telly--I always have one of my baby sweaters on the needles--I think I have done over 40 of them so far---then I got into knitting some little hats after the first of the year and now I am knitting these neat scarves--they are only 20 stitches wide and about 34" long--I am on my 2nd one--and am using some nice cotton yarn I got in NY before I moved down here--so am happy to be using some of it--
and I always have hand work by chair--
and I have been super achy the last couple days--must be something in the air--???
enjoy, di