Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Funky Rooster

I saw this funky rooster block on the side bar of the Attic Window Quilt Shop blog a long time ago. I've always loved the funkiness of the design.  I had an empty spot on my wall of quilts and decided the Funky Rooster would be a perfect fit. I went with a funky shaped background that measures around 16" squarish. 

I found some of my brighter fabrics and fused them down to a mottled lighter grey fabric. I stitched everything down with a simple black straight stitch. I like the cartoon feel of a black outline stitch especially with the brighter fabrics. I decided to hand stitch a turquoise button on for his eye.

He's quilted in my standard crazy all over wiggle stitch and I went with the stitch and flip method because I didn't want any binding. 

For now this is where the Funky Rooster resides on my quilt wall.  I'm going to be ordering some curtain rods and clips so I can hang my quilts. Right now I am using the Command poster strips. That means anytime I want to rearrange the quilts or add more I have to unstick the ones already hanging. The strips aren't overly expensive but it does add up if you're like me and you like to add or rearrange quilts almost weekly. Plus, with the curtain rods the quilts will hang away from the wall and be able to breathe a little.

How do you hang your quilts?



What a cute rooster hanging--you did a great job on him--
I have 2 large curtain rods up to hang my larger quilts on and at Walmart I found these metal circles that have a pinch clip on them that I use to clip up the quilts with--I found them in the curtain rod department.
enjoy, di