Thursday, December 11, 2008

Boggle Me Thursday week 5

From Boggle Me Thursday

My list:

* air *digs *dig *dines
*dine *days *day *goes
*gad * gone *gay *girl
*ion *liar *lion *line
*lines *neon *ones *one
*rail *roe *rig *rigs
*rid *rise *risen *rose
*see *seen *son *soon
*sir *yes

My silly story:

On most days I like to rise early. Once I have risen I like to take a deep breathe of fresh air. Soon my son will be awake and ready to start the day. Yes sir, once he is awake he goes straight to the fridge to see what is good to dine on. Mom draws the line at candy for breakfast! He tries to butter me up by bringing me a rose from Daddy's garden. Now he's gone and done it. That's one guy who knows his way to a girl's heart :)


MommyWizdom said...

Awesome! You did a fantastic job!!

I loved your story! You found words I didn't... line, ion, sir, and liar!!

I love this game!! *smiles wide*

Thanks for playing!!