Saturday, December 6, 2008

Boggle Me Thursday.....

I'm a few days late, but they say better late than never right?

  1. bent
  2. blue
  3. bee
  4. ten
  5. net
  6. tan
  7. fan
  8. been
  9. fat
  10. ant
  11. tee
  12. yet
  13. tea
  14. fate
  15. bunt
  16. nix
  17. eat
  18. ate
  19. blunt
  20. aft
  21. bean
  22. been
  23. tube
  24. tub
  25. lei

Now for my story......

As fate would have it, my tea has yet to arrive. Now, I am not normally a big fan of tea but since I already ate a blue ant I really need something to wash him down with. At least I know I can eat ten tan ants without getting fat! I wonder if I could say the same thing if I ate a bee that I caught in my net?


Morah said...

Ok, point me to the first post on this Boggle Me Thursday. Boggle is our fav. game and we've been so lost since the game we played is no longer online.

Robin said...

Boggle Me Thursday blog: