Friday, December 26, 2008

Here are the things the kids bought Mom this year.

Robbie went shopping with a group of kids this year. They all had their lists and their spending money. I tried to give him easy things to find for me. He knows he can just go to the craft department and buy yarn, but I knew he wanted to find some special things. I was surprised that he found exactly what I was looking for!

We needed a new dish strainer. We don't have a dishwasher in this house. Even when we did, we really only used it occasionally.

I don't know where all our slotted spoons have run off too, but we needed some more of those too. We usually use the plastic ones, but Robbie couldn't find any so he bought these instead.

Then I also have been looking at the mini food processors. I like to chop up veggies, but when I need lots for a recipe it would be nice to have a chopper. This chopper can even make small batches of soup. Perfect since I am usually the only one who eats soup.

Mandy went shopping with her Dad. They started at A.C.Moore. Mandy wanted to find the perfect gift for me. It started out that she was going to get me some kind of craft kit. Then when she saw what her older brother (Justin) bought, she felt that she needed to outdo him. They went to a few shops looking for the "perfect" gift. They ended up at a quilting shop I said I wanted to try. The ladies in the store thought that they would be getting a gift certificate. Not my daughter! She had to pick out my gift herself. She has heard me grumbling about having to unthread my sewing machine to wind another bobbin many, many times. So, she found this little toy for me. Isn't she so sweet?

Justin went shopping all by himself. He did check with Dad to see what Mom might need/want. I have been looking for a toaster oven for awhile now. I just couldn't decide which one I wanted.

I was sitting in the livingroom when he brought it in so I got to use it right away. Actually, the kids have used it the most. It heats up frozen pizza really well.

I am feeling very blessed to have such loving and thoughtful kids. I guess someone raised then well :)