Sunday, December 28, 2008

Snow in Florida?

Of course way down here in SW Florida we don't normally get snow...

My deep freezer was getting too much ice in it so I had the kids scrape it out. I let Robbie make snowballs out of the fluffy stuff. There was also a bunch of ice chunks that he just tossed around the yard. The fenced yard in the background has three kids (baby,2,5) living there. They happen to be outside playing with Grandma when Robbie was making snowballs. He passed a few over to them to play with too. Their house is set much higher than our house (due to new code regulations) and the adults can stand near their backdoor and easily see over the fence. Actually, we can see them from the waist up from our side. Anywho....When I went out to check on Robbie, the Grandma was standing on the hill and laughing like crazy at silly Robbie playing in the snow.

This one is when Robbie was done playing with his "snow" and just started tossing it all around the back yard. Even down here in Florida we still wear gloves for a day or two a year so Robbie was well prepared to play in his "snow".

It was getting too slushy to make snowballs so Robbie went ahead and just dumped it all out.

I have seen some gorgeous pictures of snow on other people's blogs....but this is all I can offer for now.