Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I'm on Art Fire...Are You?

I have been reading about Art Fire a new community to sell handmade items. Everything sounded good so I jumped in a bought a store there. For a limited time the monthly fee for a shop is only $7.00 bucks a month!! There is also no commissions or listing fees to deal with :) This monthly fee allows you an unlimited amount of items in your shop. Each item also has TEN pictures to go with it! You can list many categories also. There is also a limited free membership too.

They are a young site, but they have been doing alot of advertising both online and in print. They have advertised recently on the back cover of Craft Magazine and are planning many more advertisements with Craft Magazine.

The site is similar to Etsy, but is still very different. I love how the listing is just one page. New items rotate on the front page. When an item expires, you have the option to renew. If you choose not to renew, the listing is deleted after ten days. Not being able to delete expired items drives me nuts on Etsy!

If you already have a shop on Art Fire, please leave me any comments you might have about it. If you aren't a member, stop by and give it a look. For only seven dollars a month (which you can pay for with your PayPal account) it's worth a try.

If you do decide to give it a try, I would greatly appreciate it if you would use the link below to register so that I can be your referral. Or just place my name (Rsislandcrafts) in the referral place.