Sunday, May 17, 2009

It's Prom Time

This past Saturday was prom for my daughter's school. Of course my daughter being who she is didn't decide she was going until the Tuesday before prom! Her girlfriends bullied her into going. I had tried persuading her awhile back but she kept saying she didn't want to go.

So began the mad rush to find a dress and shoes. Of course I called in the mad shopper of the sister. Within an hour she had a dress and shoes for Mandy. The dress is actually a very pale powdery blue color. I don't think you can pick that up in the pictures.

I don't know why Robbie always wants to have his head down in pictures now. He used to be such a photo hog. Every time he saw a camera he would come running to get in the picture. Now he still comes running but he wants to hide that cute little face. Another phase of a preteen I guess.

Mandy kept saying...I'm not touching him, I'm not touching him. He just came home from playing with the boys and was very sweaty but I wanted a pic of him with his sister. I don't get very many shots of them being nice to each other.

Here in Florida, it is necessary to have some prom pics under the palm tree. This is where Mandy decided to show some of her sass and attitude. These are my faves.

...gotta show a little leg.

Her and her girlfriends went out to eat at The Olive Garden. They wanted to eat at Steak-n-Shake but one the mother's told them that wasn't allowed. Since it was prom, they just had to go to a nice restaurant! I told her that they should have done what made them happy. It's their senior prom, it should be what they want. Anyways, the had a great time at the dance. The play list that the juniors chose wasn't very popular, but they survived. All in all, a very memorable evening.

This is where they held the dance. It's the most popular place in town. The building is so big and has a few large rooms, that they were able to have two separate school proms on the same night. It's a good thing too cuz we have around 10 high schools in this area. This is also where they will graduate on June 7th.