Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New girls in the neighborhood

A few weeks ago I was thinking about new projects to make. I've been wanting to make a simple doll for awhile now. I've seen a variety of different styles and techniques on the web lately. I also like to try out new quilting ideas. I was going to start making doll quilts too. Then I had a shocking thought...why not make dolls WITH their own quilt :) That is definitely something fun to work on. The doll and quilt could match or not. The creativity is wide open.

Meet Abigail...

I had a large piece of black fabric with a city scape on it. I have been making little things from it. I thought it might look cute as a dress for a doll.

I hand embroidered a face...I'm getting better and better with these faces :) Lots of practice and many goofy looking stuffies later.

As I was trying to get her hair just right, I noticed that I could make some pig tails for her. I think they came out cute.

Meet Annabelle....

She was made from the same basic shape as her friend Abigail. Her hair is felt also. I just cut a simple pattern for her.

Both girl's quilts are made from some precut quilt squares that my Grandmother bought back in the 70's from Kmart. I've made several quilts from the packs that were given to me. The back and binding are from a white sheet that I dyed purple. I love the speckled look to it.