Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My new bag

I finally got around to making a new purse for myself. I bought this pattern over a month ago but just never got around to making it. I LOVE how it turned out! I also got alot of compliments from the gals at work too. A nice feeling. I wanted to put a zipper in, but just couldn't get my head wrapped around the way to get it to work right. I must have ripped that part out 4 or 5 times. It was late at night and I wanted to use the purse the next morning so I eventually gave up. I figured it out now, so the next purse will have a zipper! I always worry that someone will be able to just reach into my purse and take out my wallet or something. Plus, the way I toss my bag needs a zipper to keep everything inside :)

The pattern called for a button loop closure but I just went ahead with a snap flap instead. I was hoping it would keep the top closed a bit better.

I probably should put a bottom piece on the inside though. It is a very soft but floppy bag. My wallet and other items disappear in the bottom between the pockets.

I think these little ties on the sides are what caught my eye. I kept going back and looking at the pattern trying to decide if I should buy it or not. As you can tell...I bought the pattern (and another too). I've made enough bags by now that I really didn't need the pattern. I don't know why I feel that these patterns are going to show me something I don't already know. I should just look at the pictures more closely and figure it out for myself. I changed so many things about the pattern anyways. The one great thing I learned is how to make the pocket with the contrasting top piece. Their way was actually a fun and easy way to do it. Easier and faster than what I would have done. This is a very easy bag to make but the pattern was very confusing for me.

I love the wavy black quilting lines all over the bag. I even carried it through to the front pocket and handles. I love free motion quilting! I takes alot more time than other forms of quilting but it makes a nice impact.

I think I will be making more of this style bag in the near future :)