Wednesday, April 8, 2009

In my mail box

I've received and purchased a few things lately that have been arriving at my house. My poor mailman, between what goes out and what comes in, he is pretty busy at my house.

My sister has been a Grover freak since she received a stuffed one the day she was born. She is now 35 (I don't think she reads this blog so I think I'm safe saying her age lol). I bought this book new on Ebay for a whopping 99 cents! The shipping was low too, so a good deal.

I'm thinking about making a couple blocks like this one in the book. Plus I need a couple Super Grover blocks too cuz that's her fave Grover. I've also learned recently that she is now into the Pink Panther too. I wonder if they have and Pink Panther fabric? He should be easy to replicate in a block too. I'm leaning toward minkie for the characters...I think. I know I want it to have some texture. This will be for Christmas this year.

I've been wanting to try locker hooking since I saw it on a PBS craft show awhile ago. I was waiting to find a kit with at least a pattern, the canvas, and a hook for a decent price. Once again, around a dollar on Ebay. I have learned to be patient on Ebay and I can usually find a good deal here and there. Not sure what colors I will use on the pillow top though. Might make it a Halloween orange and black since that is a fave holiday around here.

I saw these bags over at Quilts Illustrated. I had them bookmarked for a couple months and decided what the heck...I want them, so I bought them! I made some extra cash from selling the craft books that I no longer use on Ebay. Since I had some fun money left after paying the bills, I decided to splurge a bit for myself. I need a new purse - who doesn't? Now all I have to do is go out shopping and find the perfect fabric for them.

I won this wool felt from a contest I entered over at Skip to My Lou. It also came with a pattern for a lunch sac and lunch items. The wool is from Prairie Point Junction's Wool Felt Central. I've never worked with actual wool felt before. I'm sure once I do I will be hooked. Not sure if I will make all of the lunch sac and food though. I might make some of it and then play with the rest of the wool felt. I also saw lots of bright and fun colors over at Wool Felt Central that I would like to go back and buy. If you're looking for wool felt, go check them out. They seem to have very reasonable prices and everything ships fast.


Dragon's Dolphin said...

OOOOOOOOOOO Robin, I love the Sesame Street book. I'll have to keep an eye out for that one! And YES they do sell Pink Panther fabric! I've seen it at Hancock Fabrics, Hobby Lobby on occasion and Wal-Mart (I think). It is really cute!
Love the purse patterns. I'll have to go back and see if you said where you got them at. They are too cute--especially the one with the stripes.