Saturday, April 4, 2009

Pinwheel quilt

For some reason my camera absolutely hates this quilt. This picture looks great on my camera and also looks fine in the preview on my computer. When I look at the bigger pic, this is what I see. Then, I went and took another picture a few days later in my kitchen. I went to upload it to my computer and there was no pictures on my camera! I even looked at them right after I took the pics to see how they looked (and to make sure my messy kitchen was mostly out of the picture) and they were there. Oh well, I'll have to try again later.

This is my first pinwheel style quilt. Since I generally don't follow many rules, I'm not sure if it is even right. I did make the mistake of cutting the white squares at 2 am one night after work. Probably not my best idea since I think the white squares are a bit bigger than the other ones. Oh well, I like it anyways. Hubby actually LOVES it! He wants that style for our bed. I will make another one just not for our bed. I want a wonky log cabin in there.

The back is a white sheet that I dyed purple. I forgot to dissolved the powder dye before I put it in the bucket. This left darker splotches of purple all over the fabric. It reminds me of those speckled Easter eggs. I really like the effect. I also used the same purple for the binding.

This is one of my fave blocks. I love fabric with sea life on it.

I like both of these too. The flowers are nice and Springy. I don't know why I like the green one. I guess it is just the shade of green that captures my eye.

This one has the same purple from the back and binding of the quilt. I love the girly sport fabric too.


The reason my camera hated this quilt...the memory card died! Oh well, it's a good thing we had an extra in another camera no one uses. The quilt has found a home too. My daughter Mandy is part of JROTC at her high school. She was telling me about her Sgt.Major's wife. She has been in and out of the hospital dealing with cancer. All the kids in her class wanted to chip in a dollar or two and get her some flowers and a card. I thought she might like to have a quilt to snuggle under too. Mandy checked with her class and they all agreed. She showed them a pic of the quilt and it was a done deal. On the label I put the school's name, JROTC, the year, and made by me. Now she will have a lasting memory of theJROTC class of 2009! The Sgt.Major's wife has it and LOVES it! I'm so glad. She says it's too pretty to use, so she is planning on hanging it on the wall.


Judi said...

The quilt looks amazing, too bad about the memory card. By the way, you may want to go and check out my latest entry. Take care.