Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I had to pop in and tell y'all right away!!! Some how I managed to find myself over at Green Fairy Quilts. I'm sure it was one of those times when I was following links on other blogs. I love wandering around from blog to blog. She has some of the greatest quilt patterns. It's hard to choose a favorite. I love Butterfly Mania . The Turtle Walk is also cute (way down at the bottom of the page).

Anyways...I entered her Moda jelly roll contest and won this!!! Judi is even including one of her patterns too. I have never worked with jelly rolls or Moda fabric. I love all their colors. It will be fun to actually get to try them out!

This is coming at a good time too. I had a severe asthma attack this weekend and ended up in the ER yesterday for many hours. After all that suffering it will be nice to sit down and sew again. I don't trust myself to sew when I don't feel up to par. I always end up having to fix too many mistakes.

Can't wait for it to arrive :) Thanks again Judi!!!