Saturday, April 25, 2009

Monkey love

I love looking at all the fun sock monkeys people have made. I bought these fuzzy socks a long time ago destined to be sock creatures. I finally sat down and made some.

My sewing machine does not like the fuzzy socks. It kept dragging the socks down into the machine. I just went ahead and hand stitched these guys. You have to do so much hand stitching anyways so it was no big deal.

Meet Lilly ...

Lilly is a very happy and funny sock buddy. She loves to go to the playground. Her favorite is the slide. She would stay there all day sliding if you let her.


He likes to spend his days (and nights) curled up in front of the TV eating ice cream and watching movies. His favorite ice cream is rainbow sherbet.

and Harold.

He is a bit grumpy because he doesn't like to share. The other sock creatures have taken his blanket away from him.

I have a few more but they still need to have their faces worked on. These guys were fun to make.


Barb said...

Those monkey socks are adorable....made me smile this morning. thanks for visiting my site...loved your comments.