Monday, April 13, 2009

Pepperoni hint

My family loves to make and eat home made pizzas. Pepperoni is always on the ingredient list. I almost always buy turkey pepperoni because it is healthier and less greasy than the regular type. Even the turkey can get greasy though. I normally buy the thin slices but this time all they had at our store is the thick slices.

To help cut back on all the extra grease on your pizza, pre-cook your pepperoni in the microwave. I read this hint awhile ago somewhere on line and thought it was a great idea!

Line your pepperoni up on a paper towel covered microwave safe plate. We don't use paper towels, so I just used a few napkins instead. Then cover the pepperoni with more towels. The above picture is after microwaving for 1 minute. Since the pepperoni is thick, I cooked it for a 2nd minute.

This picture shows the napkins from the top of the plate after the first minute of cooking.

After the second minute...

If you use regular pepperoni, your paper towels will be much, much greasier. Adjust your cooking times to go with the thickness of your pepperoni. If you cook it too long, the edges will curl up and you will have cup shaped pepperoni.

Every little bit helps when you are trying to watch what you eat. Plus, we don't care for greasy pizzas.