Monday, April 20, 2009

A few new friends

While I'm on vacation I have been playing around with a bit of everything. I thought it might be time to make a few new friends.

This guy started out as an alligator but never quite made it there. He is now a newt! I actually like how he turned out.

Then my lil newt needed a buddy too. I saw a cute bear made from felt that had his own little vest awhile ago. I thought it was cute and decided to try making one too. He didn't come out too bad but I think he needs a bit more work. Both Buddy Bear and Nester Newt are made from a fleece baby blanket that I bought on sale for .50 a long time ago. Buddy Bear's vest is made from felt. His muzzle is made from a piece of fleece that I made my Grandson some pants from last year.
Walla Walla whale is one of my favorite go to patterns. The whales work up fast and always come out cute. This time I decided to give him some felt eyes. My stuffies always have interesting expressions on their faces :)

Everyone needs a super pickle! I was making this pickle and decided he just had to be a super hero! He has a little felt cape that helps him fly all over the kitchen rescuing sad little sandwiches.