Tuesday, March 6, 2018

TTMT #33 It's been a crumb-y kind of week

As creators some days we know exactly what we want to create and there are days/weeks where we feel lost at sea. We're just bobbing along with no destination on the horizon. This week I was lost and just bobbing along. I worked on a couple different projects, cleaned and rearranged my craft room (again) and played in the scrap bin. I have been in this new craft space for less than a year so I am still trying different arrangements to see what I like. Right now I am loving this new configuration. It needs a few small tweaks while figure out where I want little things like scissors and rulers but I like where the furniture is at least for now lol.

Stocking UFO

Skinny table runner UFO

What my cutting table looked like partway through the crumb sewing process.

The 9 crumb blocks that I had sewn together before lunch on Monday.

By the end of Monday I had a total of 22 crumb blocks sewn together. The blocks are 6.5" unfinished. I will most likely border them in white so that they don't all blur together in a quilt top.

A couple years back I received a very generous surprise mystery package of fingering weight yarns. In that package was a shawl pattern and the above mini skeins.  I had not made the shawl yet because I just wasn't sure if I liked it. The mini skeins all look great together so I decide to use them on the Menta & Liquirzia shawl pattern instead. I have a couple mini skeins in my stash that will coordinate in case I run out.  I was going to make this shawl in greys, turquoise, and a splash of red but I would have to wait until the budget allows new yarn purchases and I just didn't want to wait. After I finish knitting it with these minis if I still want one in greys etc. then I can always knit it again later. At least this way I can knit the design now since I like it so much.


Barb said...

You have a lot going on there, I need to do a crump quilt myself.