Friday, June 12, 2009

Centennial Park

Our daughter recently graduated from high school (yippee). Two down and one to go. While we waited for the graduates to come outside to do the cap ceremony, Robbie and I decided to wander around the fountain area of Centennial Park. We found lots of fun things to look at.

We saw a squirrel running around. Of course Robbie wanted to follow him all over.

I love this clock. Don't know why...I just like it.

We found this giant airplane propeller hiding in the bushes in the back of the park.

I'm not sure what Robbie was thinking here but you just have to let the kids be matter what that looks like :)

I've always loved the Banyan trees in Fort Myers. Robbie loves his cherry Dr. Pepper that Daddy bought him from the concession stand. I was surprised that they didn't over charge for the drinks like some places do. The 20 oz bottles of pop were $1.25 just like in a vending machine. The candy was another story though. A small bag of candy was $2.00. Sorry candy for you today.

A view of the river. It rained not long after we left. It was pretty windy while we were waiting too. At least it cut down on some of the humidity.

After chasing the squirrel, this was the first place Robbie wanted to check out. He was thrilled when I let him touch the rifle lol. Later we found out that Mandy and her friends also took a picture here. My kids all think alike.

A few family members were waiting for their graduates around the fountain.

There were a few animal statues swimming around in the fountain. Here are a couple manatees....
and an alligator. Plus another famous Robbie expression lol. There were also some fish and turtles too.

It was a great day wandering around in the little park...