Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thrift store finds

On a whim, I recently stopped in one of our local thrift stores (Kiwanis). I love this particular store because 1) it's just down the road and 2) it has a nice little crafts section and 3) the prices are reasonable. You never know what you might find at this store.

I saw this cute little cross stitch panel. It is meant to go in a frame but I think I might turn it into a quilted wall hanging instead. I want to add beads instead of french knots. Hoping it will give it a bit of sparkle...

I found another duck panel. Once again it is only the backs. What are these people doing with the fronts of these guys? I thought I was going to make one stuffed duck but I will have to either make another two placemats or find a nice backing fabric to make two stuffed duckie pillows. I'll probably make them into pillows.

The bright colors on this vest kit caught my eye. I really enjoy bright colorful vests but don't get the opportunity to wear them often down here in sunny and hot Florida. I figured even if I don't turn it into a vest, it is still a nice piece of fabric.

Have you found anything exciting at the thrift stores lately?