Friday, July 10, 2009

Amazing thrift find

My sister and her family went to visit the in-laws in Georgia for the Fourth of July. My sister loves to go thrift store shopping. She is always on the look out for nice clothes for her and her family. She amazes me with some of the things she finds.

She gives me a call on Saturday to tell me she found a bolt of denim at a Goodwill and was I interested in it. You can never have enough denim so I said sure why much is it? She told me $10 but some of the denim was cut and had a couple holes in it and she wasn't sure I could really use it. Plus, she figured who in their right mind makes their own jeans. Not me, but I do like to use denim to make purses and other things.

She did end up grabbing it even though it sounded like she was hesitant. Almost like she didn't think it was a good deal.

I never imagined when she said a bolt that it would be this BIG!! This thing is like 5 feet tall! Look how much denim is left on the bolt.

I actually thought she meant a bolt like the fabric bolts at JoAnn's...was I wrong!

Thanks Lisa, you're the best :)


Anonymous said...

What a find!

Barb said...

That is totally wonderful...what a great deal...or shall I say steal???

Fiesta said...

wow, you can also use it for the backs of potholders, coasters, lining of purses and baskets,tablecloths,throw pillows, backing for rugs, even appliqued kitchen towels. Great find!