Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wedding dress quilt DONE!

I finished off the wedding dress/christening gown quilt. My customer wanted a very modern looking quilt. I love how it turned out.

The christening gown had a row of embroidered crosses along the hem. I was planning on incorporating them onto the front of the quilt. That was until I actually put them on it. The ruined the modern look I was going for. So I decided to put them on the back. I knew I didn't want them all matchy and in a row. I just scattered them on the back and stitched them down.

It was very hard getting good pictures of this quilt. Here is one of the crosses.

This is an embroidered piece from the christening gown.

These beige pieces were from the wedding dress. There was a flap in the front that had this fabric on the inside. I knew it just had to go in the quilt for some contrast.

More embroidery from the christening gown.

It wasn't much fun taking the dress apart, but it was alot of fun putting it together.



Hi Robin--what a beautiful job you did on that quilt--it will be treasured for years to come I am sure--so now that that project is done what is next???? (Yes with us "crafter/quilters that is always a to-do list--right???? Have a great day--hugs, just, Di

The Woman said...

What a great idea.

I like the contrasting beige blocks and the slightly abstract nature of the quilt.

Lennongirl via swap-bot