Thursday, July 9, 2009

Birthdays and sleepovers

I have been doing a bit of birthday crafting this past week. Our youngest Grandson Nathan's first birthday was June 26th but since his sister turns 11 on July 18th, they are just having one big ole party on July 11th. Unfortunately Grammie and Grumpy can't make it up to Connecticut to celebrate with them but we will be there in spirit!

I think every kid needs a special shirt to wear on their birthday. I picked up a nice light blue shirt at A.C.Moores a couple weeks back intending to make him something to wear on his special day. First I thought about a cupcake, then a regular cake, but decided on a simple #1. This way he can wear it for more than just one day.

I thought Mariah (11) might like a sock monkey. I picked these socks up at the Dollar Tree around Valentine's day.

Mariah's having 3 girls over for a sleepover after the party. I thought they might get a kick out of some sleep masks. These are the first ones I have ever made. I used some batting in between the fabrics (the backs are just white fabric) but I'm not too sure I like them like that. Not being a sleep mask person, they just feel a bit off when you wear them. I'm sure the girls will like them though. I made 3 extra for Mariah's brothers just in case. I thought since Nathan and Jacob are 1 and 3 that they would want what their big sister has. Then there is one for the oldes (DJ) just incase. I wouldn't want anyone to feel left out.

Sometime last year I bought these bags at Michael's. I think I got them for 3 for 25 cents or something close to that. It was during an after Halloween sale. I picked up some candy to put in the bags along with the sleep masks for the girls.

All the Grandkids (and kids) have letter pillows so I knew I needed to make one for Nathan too. He also gets a crocheted stuffed teddy bear to snuggle with.


Purple Quilter Queen said...

So sweet! I'm sure Nathan and Mariah will have an excellent birthday celebration with all your handmade love gifts! Those sleep masks are darling! What a great idea for a sleepover! Jenn