Monday, July 20, 2009

My oldest (Justin, 21) has requested a quilt for his king size bed. He wants "squares in squares, and make them BIG". These are the three colors he picked out. (The extra was a piece from the remnants bin that just had to come home with me for $.60) These have been his fave colors for a long time now. I've been playing around a bit in my head and think 20" finished squares will work well. This will be the biggest quilt I have made and quilted but I look forward to the challenge. I was also smart enough to grab some thread to quilt it with too.

I picked these up at JoAnn's last week. I stopped in for the can of basting spray and figured I had some "spare" cash from selling a baby quilt so I decided to grab Justin's fabric. Of course Murphy's Law came into the picture. When I got out to my car...the battery was DEAD. A few hours later and $80 poorer I was back on the road again. Never fails to happen to me. The battery was only 2 years old but one of the cells went bad for whatever reason.

I'm hoping to cut into this fabric later this week. I really need to finish up some other things first.


Katidids said...

Those are great colors, I love family quilt requests!

Barb said...

Do mind if I ask what your going price if for a baby quilt? I am doing 3 and don't know what to ask for.