Monday, November 30, 2009

Beautiful weather for a Picnic

I finished the last few inches of the binding this morning. Finished just in time once again. I added an extra black border after the brights. I wanted it a bit bigger plus I think the black helps "end" the quilt. Without it the quilt just didn't look finished.

Once again there is a slight breeze blowing when I went outside to take the picture. Never fails. It is beautiful outside though. A nice day for a picnic. Too bad there is school and work.

This is the first time I tried this kind of piecing on the back. I had a bunch of left over pieces of the brights from piecing the border on the front and decided to add it to the back like other bloggers have done.  I like it and it wasn't very hard to do either. It gives the back a nice touch I think. Sure is hard to get a good pic of it though.

Here is an inside picture. This looks a bit better. I did some wandering quilting in the larger black areas only.

This quilt was a fun one to work on. I didn't learn any new techniques this month but I did learn patience and perseverance. I also learned the value of a good seam ripper lol.



OH MY what would we do with out the old faithful seam ripper!!!
Love the quilt--it;s really different and soo pretty--i got my Nov one done late last night--so I just made it too!!!
Wonder what Dec will be--we will know in the morning I guess???
Hugs, Di

Barb said...

Totally beautiful!!!

Lisa D. said...

Your Picnic quilt is so striking with the bright colors and the black background - beautiful!!!

Strlady said...

LOL! I know what you mean about the seam ripper. I feel I'm in good company this month since all of us seem to have felt the pain. Great job!!

Cara said...

I love the black background. Adds a very nice touch, and difference, to the quilt.

Simone de Klerk said...

Great Schnibbles too!!! And I agree with you, that the last black border finishes and closes the quilt. Lovely colors!

Marianne said...

Very striking!

Anne D said...

Love it. Love the colours. It is perfect!