Monday, November 9, 2009

Picnic top

I finished my quilt top for the November Schnibble "Picnic". I had to take this pic inside because Hurricane Ida is causing lots of wind here yesterday and today. No rain, just tons of wind. The wind has blown several grapefruits off our tree to the displeasure of Hubby and Robbie. This poor tree has suffered so much from all the hurricanes that have been through here in the last few years. The boys were hoping this would be the year that they could have more than 2 grapefruits.

I absolutely LOVE how this one is turning out. Just like I had pictured it. That doesn't happen very often. I think the next trip fabric shopping I will bring home a few yards of black. I think a black and bright circle quilt would be fun. Now to just figure out how I want to quilt it.

Did anyone notice that there is a correction to the Picnic pattern over on Miss Rosie's?    It is for those who received one of the first batch of patterns. My pattern is correct as I believe most of them that are being bought for this month are.


Barb said...

I love it!! Love the colors and the black background.

Anonymous said...

It's striking!! I love the bright colors against black. Here's a heads up before you sandwich this quilt. I did a similarly colored BOM with black background. I used Moda's black, but I will never use it again. It frayed while I was using it (little threads everywhere) and "bearded" terribly once the quilt was put together. Now I don't like using this quilt because of the way the batting fibers poke their way through the black fabric. Good luck with this.

Simone de Klerk said...

Wow, you are very fast! I still have to receive my pattern and the fabrics I am planning to use.
I just love your Picnic quilt!!! What a beauty.

searchfamilies said...

Very nice well done
Hugs Janice

Shari said...

Just love this with the black background - definitely time for a picnic!

Béa said...

Love the colours with black background, wonderful quilt !Hugs from France