Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Half square madness

Our neighbor recently gave Mandy and I a tub full of fabrics that she had no need for. She likes to go to auctions and buy fabric. She will see a piece of fabric she likes but you have to buy the whole box of fabric to get just that one piece. So, she gave us all her "extra" fabric. A friend of hers also gave her a baggie full of Christmas colored HST. They  measured around 1.5". As I was ironing  and sorting them by color I noticed that some were a smidgen smaller than the others.  I took the smaller ones and made this little doll quilt. It measures 21" square. All the fabric used was from my neighbor. She has a 3 year old granddaughter and I think this will be perfect for her.

The back is this cute white fabric with red flowers all over it. I quilted the center with white thread and the border with red. This is the first time I used two colors to quilt with. No big deal, just the first time.

The rest of the HSTs were turned into this pinwheel quilt.  This one is 31" X 32". No idea why one side is off an inch from the other but it looks fine. This one will also go to the neighbor. I thought maybe her church would like it. They could either raffle it off or donate it to a member who is having a baby.

For the quilting I just did some stitch in the ditch, or at I tried to. I would wobble out of the ditch every once in awhile. This quilt also used all of the neighbor's fabric. The green was just perfect for the back of this quilt.

I received Di's blocks for the SigOrnament swap. They turned out great!

I "borrowed" this pic from her blog just in case she didn't want her name and city plastered all over the web :)


Anonymous said...

I have done some pinwheel design small quilts and always love the way they seem to "pulse" when I look at them. Stitching in the ditch is also a challenge for me. When I wobble out of the ditch, I just start calling it stitching an outline instead. Lovely creations!

Melinda Cornish said...

your little quilts are so darn cute! someone is just going to love them...I love the blocks too.....

Barb said...

Love the quilt and I am sure the granddaughter will love it too.

Rae Ann said...

The quilts are adorable! I especially love the pinwheel one.