Friday, November 6, 2009

Little shopping and a litte crafting

My daughter and I hit the Target after Halloween sale Wednesday.

I found the basket at 75% off. I think I ended up paying around $2.50 for it. I loved the leaf fabric inside it. Too bad there was only one because I would have bought more if they had more.

I found the Smurf figurines in the dollar baskets in the front of the store. I have always been a Smurf fan. I guess they are making a come back because I also saw some little tote bags. One of them said something like you have been Smurfed. Too cute.

The pattern I bought off Ebay. If I ever get the fabric for it he will be my centerpiece for the living room table.

Oh Yea...we also bought about 10 bags of 50% off candy too lol.

Take 20 Christmas cards leftover from a couple years ago (good thing I buy extras at the after holiday sales) ...

Add in 20 handmade Snowmen ornaments and you have a finished swap!! I have been working on these guys bit by bit for a couple weeks now. Good thing they are done and in the mail because they are due on November 15th.


My November Schnibble arrived from Quilt Taffy . I just had to grab some of the yummy dessert fabric too.  That will be put away until I figure out just the right pattern to use it on.

I also grabbed some of these brights from Etsy. I plan on doing this month's Schnibble in black and brights.


Anonymous said...'ve been busy! Target seems to be great of post-holiday sales. I like your basket. Lovely things all that make me realize how close we are to the holidays. With Thanksgiving being a little late this year, we all better be ready!

Barb said...

You make it hard, I can not just pick one item to talk had so much going on there and I loved each one...the fabrics at the end are just wonderful. Your post today was like eating chocolate.....ummmm ummmm good.

Melinda Cornish said...

I love the dessert fabric too!!! the are adorable....Robin could you email me your address please so I can mail the sig blocks? thanks!!!!

Wendi said...

Cute fabric:):):)


Jules @ MoonCat Farms said...

What darling little snowmen. And I love those fabrics.. Eye candy

Amy said...

I will have to tell my husband about the Smurfs at Target! He has a Smurf figure from his childhood that he calls the "travelling Smurf." He gives it to family and friends to take on trips and photograph there. The Smurf has travelled far more than I have. He now has his own Facebook page with pictures from his travels. To have time for such silliness...imagine all the sewing that could be done instead! :)

Chica and Jo said...

Those snowmen are too cute!