Sunday, November 15, 2009

Miscellaneous babbling

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Just a little mix up of things I have been blogging about.

My vacation starts today...HAPPY DANCE!!  I have a couple little family things planned but I'm mostly going to be getting all my projects caught up.

Here is a partial list:

* 2 Winnie the Pooh advent calendars
* Jess's quilt
* Justin's quilt
* Dan's blanket
* turkey stuffie
* fall table topper
* List all finished quilts in the shop
* Learn to use GIMP or photoshop
* work on getting all quilt blocks from "the drawer" into quilt tops
* quilt the two 9 patch quilt's from the quilt along with AmandaJean
* work on some I Spy quilts
* I also have a couple crochet patterns to type up and get tested and then listed. Will probably be looking for * testers for these in the coming days.

That should keep me busy for a bit lol. I'm putting the blog on hold for now while I get these things done. I may pop in every now and then if something exciting is happening.

Have a great week and I hope you all get some fun projects finished!!


Barb said...

I think it should keep you busy for a while!!


Oh my goodness--i thought I kept busy with quilting and sewing projects--but that list of yours????
Have fun--don;t forget to come up for "air" once in awhile this next week--you will have to go back to work to rest up from your week off!!!
hugs, Di

carmel said...

you made my day!
your beautiful quilt arrived today in the mail! and i am so happy with it, i belive that i have the most beautiful quilt in israel!!
so 100000000 thank you!!!

and injoy your vecation!!

Dragon's Dolphin said...

You're going to need a vacation from your vacation! That's quite a list girl. I make lists like that all the time; unfortunately, I'm not as disciplined as you are. I never seem to get past the first couple of things on the list. Wish I could get myself going and keep going!

Melinda Cornish said...

have a good time!