Saturday, November 14, 2009

Project hopping

I was feeling fidgety the other day and started working on some new projects.

I started this tumbler quilt from the charms leftover from Kara's quilt top. Of course I ran out of fabric before it was a nice size for a baby quilt. I didn't even bother ironing the rows. I knew it would be put up for a bit before I had more light greens, blues and yellows to go with the pinks I still have left. This will be a very cute baby quilt once it is finished. I'm really enjoying these fabrics.

I made this quilt top from one of the I Spy swaps I did. I grabbed all the girl squares for this one. There weren't very many to chose from though. This will go to The GracieJane Project once it is done.

With some of the boy I Spy swap fabrics I made a bunch of 4 patches. I think I am going to use some white sashing around these to help break them up a bit. I was too lazy to cut the white strips, so this one is half finished too!

I told you I did a bit of project hopping. I just couldn't seem to settle on any one thing to finish to the end. I also started a small wall quilt from a kit I won but I don't have any pics of that yet. I only made it as far as the background when I realized I don't have any fusible web to attach the appliques. I could just pin them on but there are some smaller pieces that I don't think it would work for. I guess that means a trip to JoAnn's this weekend. Darn!! 



Some days--hopping from one project to the next is ok--we need that it helps us be more creative--so relax and enjoy all your new starts!!! all is looking good on them--hey those ornaments are looking good too--wonder how they will look when we finish them??????
Hugs, Di

Dragon's Dolphin said...

Sometimes fidgety is the way I am the most productive on the most items. It isn't always like that, but if I've got several things I'm working on---I won't get bored with any of them and I can spend some quality time on each item. Looks like you did the same. Things look great. Can't wait to see them finished!