Friday, November 13, 2009

Blocks received

The blocks have been arriving for the SigOrnament swap! Everyone's ornaments look great!!

Melinda sent these and also some extra fabric. Love it! I think my fave is the one with the music notes on it. Great job Melinda!

Shari sent these. She also included "extra" ornaments for everyone! If you are making the Christmas tree, now you have extra ornaments to fill in some of the spaces. Thanks Shari!

These are from Frieda. I love the green fabric she chose. Very Christmas-y. Wonderful ornaments Frieda!

I believe I showed you Diane's blocks. They have a wonderful Northern feeling to them. Reminds me of mountains and snow. Di, these really are "Blissful".

Cecelia sent these. I love the gold outlined leaves and stars in the red center portion. Celestial job Cecelia!

...and remember mine? I think we will have a great variety for our little quilts/table toppers!