Sunday, October 22, 2017

A little retail therapy

There is a large thrift store in the next town over that I used to love going to. The building they are in used to be a Publix supermarket so you can imagine how large it is. They have a holiday room, furniture section, clothing section, and a quite large craft room. I used to go and shop in the craft room every few weeks. I haven't been in a long time though so I asked my daughter if she wanted to go out and about with me. Of course she said yes. We always have a good time when we go out. 

This time I wasn't impressed. Yes, they had a lot of craft supplies like ribbons, beads, cross stitch, and tables of fabric but the prices were not very good. I know it's for a charity and I'm fine paying a reasonable price but when they have things from Dollar Tree and are charging $1.50 I'm not impressed. I'm not going to pay $2.50 for an old looking maybe partial skein of Redheart yarn. 

There was a lot of little girl bow making supplies like ribbons and iron on decorations. I did find these cute mustache and Hello Kitty ribbons. I haven't opened them to see how long the ribbons are but there are 3 packs of ribbon in each bundle for $1. 

What made it totally worth the trip was these three Smurf glasses I stumbled upon. I have always LOVED the Smurfs. I used to watch the cartoons every week and I've seen the movies a few times each. I believe these glasses were from a Hardee's promotion back in the 80's. I know we had a full set when I lived at home but they weren't mine so I wasn't able to take them when I moved out after high school. No matter. I have these now. Papa, Smurfette, Brainy, and Clumsy were my favorite. I remember there was one that had Gargamel and Azrael on it too. I loved the 80's lol. I now have Papa, Clumsy, and Baker Smurf. I'll just have to keep an eye out for the rest. With a little Google research I see that there were 8 glasses in total (1983) and they had Papa, Gargamel/Azrael, Jokey (another fave), Smurfette, Grouchy, Brainy, Lazy, and Hefty. I guess I can say that those 8/9 were all favorite characters of mine. I do think there were a few others from 1982 but maybe they were from somewhere other than Hardee's.  I have a few little figurines and I used to have a stuffed toy at one point too. I've been slowly collecting Smurf memorabilia. While the new movies are wonderful to watch I prefer the way the original Smurfs looked. The new ones are still recognizable as Smurfs but with modern technology they have changed a bit but that's okay. 

McDonald's, Hardee's, and Burger King among others have done several glass promotions over the years. I came across this site that shows the 13 best novelty glasses from the 80's. Or so they say. Either way it was fun to see the list. We had many of them lol.

After thrift shopping we hit the stores. I didn't buy anything exciting (cleaning supplies, chips, etc.) from the first two stores but I did find somethings at Walmart. I wanted to get back into knitting stuffed animals but I wanted some of the new crazy yarn from Redheart. This yarn stripes nicely for hats so I think they will be fun for stuffies.

I also found some fat quarters to add to the stash. This is how they are packaged.

 They're pretty nice when opened up too.

I don't have much Fall fabrics so these were a nice find.

This is the one that surprised me. The picture on the label of the folded fat quarter was a bit small and my eyes are bit old so I didn't realize that it would be this one large picture. I thought it maybe had a bunch of the "S" symbol all over the blues. Nope. I'm not sure what I will make from this. Maybe a pillow? The center of a wall hanging?  I guess it will rest in the stash until I figure out what to do with it.

What was your best thrift store garage sale find?



Well--you did do good at the sale and with the other purchases--plus you got to spend the day with your daughter--so it was a win win!!
I don't remember the glasses from Hardee's--but I did have some of their coffee mugs--when my parents used to come down here in the 80's and 90's every winter, they would give you a mug with their name on it and if you brought the mug in--you got free coffee in it--at one time I had a collection of 4 before I moved down here--but didn't keep them--but wished I had at least kept one--oh well--
enjoy the moments, di