Tuesday, October 31, 2017

TTMT # 15 - October WiP Parade

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My goal for October was to add 31 blocks to my mitre square blanket. I did add all 31 and even had them finished I think 5 days early. The problem I ran into was there wasn't much time left in the day after all my other chores and knitting a square or two. I didn't realize how much time this afghan would monopolize during the month. Whenever I wanted to work on something I always felt that I needed to work on the mitre squares instead. That being said I don't think I will try for another 30 squares in November. I need to find a routine that works with my other routines lol.

I'm writing this post a day or two before the first of the November but by the first I will have cast on another pair of hand knit socks for Robbie.  I think he will love this colorway.

I enjoy knitting shawls and just felt drawn to cast on another shawl. I believe this is referred to as a boomerang shawl?? Basically it starts really small as you can see in the picture and then it gradually gets wider. You can just follow the pattern until you run out of yarn or steam. Whichever comes first ;)  This style is worn similar to a scarf - wrapped around your neck.

I made it to the cables on my first glove and then stopped. I need to concentrate a little when working these cables because they criss cross over each other.

I managed to add in two lengths of floss this month. 

I put a little time into another dishcloth. I'm hoping to get it finished in November because I want to try out this new scrubby yarn. I'm pretty sure you hold the cotton yarn and scrubby yarn together but I'll check a couple patterns before I cast on.

I spent some quality time knitting on my sweater and manged to get it to 8 inches in length. Unfortunately when I tried it on it was a size too small. Boo. The pattern I was using called for worsted weight yarn and I had sport weight yarn. From what I read on ravelry you just go up 2 or 3 sizes and it should work out fine. I guess my gauge is too tight because after going up 3 sizes it still wasn't large enough. I found a pattern that matches my gauge so I should be good to go. My goal is to have it finished in November because November is Nakniswemo month. National knit a sweater in a month. Nanowrimo is write a 50,000 word novel in the month of November so knitters decided to have their own version. You need to knit a sweater that has 50,000 stitches in the month of November. Basically any adult size sweater will work. I only have a couple rows done and I'm pretty sure there will be more than 50,000 stitches past this point so I'm fine.

That's it for me. What are ya'll working on this month?



Oh my goodness girl--you have alot of things on your needles (instead of on your plate!!)
right now I just have 2 wip's on needles--a baby sweater and a pair of socks--
hope to do some more knitting for Christmas gifts--want to do some fingerless mittens, I think--????? Soooo happy knitting my friend!!!
enjoy the moments,diane


OHhh- I forgot to say--I love all those yarn combos--pretty--

Barb said...

You do have a lot of things going on there...wow..wow...wow

Alice said...

Love all of your pretty yarn projects. I may never have time to learn to knit--there are just not enough hours in a days. Hocus Pocus Ville has been on my wish list for a long time. I really don't have a goal for November since I am hosting Thanksgiving at my house--sew when I can and just stay sane??