Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Talk To Me Tuesday (TTMT #13) October 17, 2017

Tuesday has come around once again in the blink of an eye. I have a new TTMT video up on my RsIslandCrafts YouTube channel.  If you want to see what the rest of the Tuesday bunch is up to you can see their videos on the TTMT blog.

I finally have a fully finished Halloween Hop wall hanging!!!  WooHoo!  I don't remember when I bought this kit but it has been a few years. I cut out the bones and fused them down last year or maybe the year before. This year I was determined to get him finished. I guess making videos for TTMT and YouTube have given me that extra push that I need. 

I did a basic free motion meander for the quilting using black thread in the center and green in the borders. The binding is the same fabric as the borders because I liked the way the piece flowed. The pattern recommended black binding but I felt that it made an abrupt stop like a picture in a frame. This way felt like it flowed better but that just might be me and since it's mine I get to choose, right? lol

It's hard to get a picture of something glowing but you can kinda see how it glows. The bones aren't just straight up white. They have what I think of as a jungle leaf print which is why the glowing picture looks a bit mottled. Trust me, he looks awesome in person.

I had so much fun making this wall hanging. I think Bartie needs a girlfriend but that might be for another year. Now to dig in the wip bin and see what I can finish next.



Oh how cute-love that bright green--
I remember the one boughten costume we had growing up was a skeleton one and I think we all wore it at one time or another--though we did not go trick or treating alot as kids--
I made my kids a lot of costumes though when they were young--one year it was sooo cold that I make them bunny ears, dressed them in their one piece footed pj's and gave them Easter baskets for trick or treat bags--every loved them--said it was the first time they had ever handed out candy to Easter bunnies at Halloween--
enjoy the moments, di