Monday, October 30, 2017

Knit Worthy

Cold weather has come early for us this year. I was up a bit before 6 am this morning and the temperature was 50 degrees. Now I get that 50 isn't really cold to many areas of the country but down here in Southwest Florida it's pretty chilly especially with the strong winds out of the North. Even at 2 pm it's only 66 degrees.

My youngest Robbie (18) loves my knit hats. He's also a huge fan of my hand knit socks too which is why he's getting three pairs for Christmas. With the cold weather I thought he might like a new hat. He loves a simple black hat so it's not very easy to get a good picture. I made some alterations to a pattern I found on Ravelry but it no longer exists because it was on a blog that no longer exists.  It seems many people are no longer blogging and I find that a bit sad but I totally understand. We all go through our phases in life.