Sunday, August 22, 2010

I'm still here

Our little girl is all grown up and on her own (sort of) now. Mandy left last Sunday for Basic Combat Training (BCT) for the Army. She is now stationed at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma. She will be there for about 10 weeks and then she transfers to Ft. Jackson, South Carolina. It has been a week of changes for everyone. Mandy has to get used to a whole other life/routine and we need to adjust to a house without her. It's been strange.

Even Suzi has been thrown off balance by the changes. Mandy has been able to text us each night and she seems to be adjusting well. It's hard when you have to sleep on the top bunk in a barrack full of other girls. When you put a bunch of girls together you know there is going to be lots of talking and giggling no matter their age or where they are.

I've already been given the list of things to send to her. All the girls are complaining because the only underwear to buy at the PX are "granny panties" lol. Now that the blisters on their feet (from breaking in their boots) are healing the girls biggest complaint is undergarments. I can handle that lol. I like that Mandy still needs her Mom. Mommy to the rescue!!


Micki said...

This is an exciting time for your daughter, but I know you will miss her.

Barb said...

I am glad that she is adjusting well, it makes it better for you...yes, the missing person from the house is something to get use to.... I remember my son was gone for two years, when he returned our dog went nutzzzzz, he was so excited to see ourson.

My one son is going to Georgia for his training....

Jackie said...

So glad to hear she is adjusting. I know it must be hard as a mom. Thankfully, Ft. Jackson isn't as far away as she could be.

Tangos Treasures said...

Thank you Mandy for serving our country!
LOL "granny panties"!! Yippie Mom to the rescue!!


OH my--i felt something was up--you weren't popping out those quilt tops right and left!!!!
Thank Mandy for serving our country!
and it has to be hard for you--wondering what her future holds and yours--but you got friends--no--you got sewing to do --- that will keep you busy--right????
so get to it lady!!!!
hugs. Di
PS when you the "non-granny" panties--don't forget the homemade cookies!!!!!

Katie :o) said...

So sweet! I'm glad she's having fun! And that she still needs her mom! Even if it is for underwear shopping :o)