Monday, November 15, 2010

A bit of crochet

This is the afghan I am working on for Robbie. I made one for Rob a couple years ago when he was in the hospital and Robbie loves to snuggle up in it in our bed. I took him to A.C.Moore and let him choose the colors. I love the two blues he chose but he also chose a forest green. I was a bit concerned about how they would work together but decided that if Robbie wants them then they look great together. Now that it is getting bigger I find that it is OK. Of course I would have chosen black instead of green but at least it is a dark green so it works fine. This is a great project to work on at night while watching TV.


Laurie in Maine said...

Random Act (or waste of time :)
You seem to have won one of the 100 block quilt books and the blogger wants your info. Congrats!

Jackie said...

I think he did a good job picking out colors and I love the pattern!

Linda B said...

Hi Robin, I played quilt bingo with you, so thought I'd pay a visit and follow you. come on over!!

pam said...

You and Diane amaze me - you are both so good at crochet and love it! I still remember my dear great grandmother trying to teach me when I was little. Never learned - could never get it.

Knitting - I seem to have a particular fondness for these days!

At least I can do one of them! You of course can do both! Lucky girl.

Your afghan is beautiful and I think the colors are working well together.

Barb said...

Oh...I love those colors together as well...someone has good taste!