Sunday, November 14, 2010

October Owls Received

My partner for October over at YOE was Niki. Niki sent this cute little bag full of treats.

First, this adorable card.

There is a sweet paper butterfly on the inside of the card. Niki also sent some goodies from Stitchin' Heaven. Niki takes care of their blog. There is a hand sanitizer pen, a regular pen, and a pen light. Hey, I just noticed a theme there lol.

Her daughters helped her make these sweet fabric owls. I love the eyes on these guys. When I receive swap packages in the mail I always show Hubby what's inside. He was crazy about these little owls. I can never tell what is going to interest him.

Niki also added some fabric. You can never go wrong with fabric. Love the clocks.  Thanks Niki!!