Sunday, November 21, 2010

Golf club covers

I have been making Viking Hats  for a couple years now. I have one customer that has ordered many baby hats from me over the last year or so. She has a company and I believe she purchases these hats for the new babies of the employees and customers. Recently she asked me if I could make some golf club covers using the Viking hat design. These are what I came up with.

I think they came out fun. They are definitely a novelty item. All I see when I look at them is a cactus though. I keep picturing them in green lol.

I love the challenge of working a bit out of my norm. Another item crossed off my to do list. See, it wasn't too bad of a list, right?


Barb said...

You have quite the talent there, those club covers are wonderful. can send the RR to my you have his address?

QuiltSue said...

Aren't they fun? If I had a golfer in the family I'd be trying to buy them from you for Christmas.

Micki said...

They are really so cute!


Now if I put one of those on the "toy" collector just think of all the fun Gracie would have "helping' me collect all her toys from under the furniture!!!!!
I have said since reading your post about getting the golf clubs that they would make a great handy tool for reaching under the furniture to retrieve all Gracies toys!!!
hugs, Di and toy hidder!!!

pam said...

Totally cracking me up over here! How did you ever come up with this one!
Love them!